Clean Approaches for Coaches... 

is about creating the conditions for change within a coaching session, quite naturally and without giving advice, making suggestions, or interpreting your clients' needs. It answers a question many new coaches have: "OK I get that it is the client who does the work and that I have to keep my opinions to myself - but how do I do that?"  

Throughout the book, there are plentiful examples, diagrams and case studies to aid your learning. Written in a clear and engaging style, with quirky illustrations created by the author, this is not just a how-to book. It is also a story book and a reference book. And whether you are a new or experienced coach, and whether you are new to Clean Language or a veteran, this is a must-have book. 

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'The Listener' reviews Clean Approaches for Coaches

I'm thrilled that Ken Smith has chosen to review Clean Approaches for Coaches in the latest edition of 'The Listener' - you can read it here

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Read an excerpt of Clean Approaches for Coaches.  

Latest Review

I received the book on Wednesday and I couldn't put it down! Marian, you are brilliant. You explain things so clearly, and everything in your book, to begin with its structure, supports what you try to convey. For example how you start a case example, then leave it, start a new one and in the next iteration return to the first one, so the reader gets to experience firsthand that metaphors do indeed 'stick' and they are relatively easy to remember. Plus you teach flexibility and 'going with whatever presents itself' at the same time. You then do that within case examples as well. 
Also, your book is the first that gives me some concrete handles on the matter of which question to ask next when you are developing symbols. I've had difficulty asking for locations, and now I see why that is, and how I can better tell when that information is ready to be accessed. You reminded me that 'clean' also means that whatever you do fits with and follows from the internal logic of the client, and that the timing of a clean question also determines the 'cleanliness' of that question!

So now I am starting to re-read, taking the time to soak up the details and all their implications and letting it all sink in.

Hans Van Laake

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New Online Training Course - based on the book

Join us for an eight-week class based on Clean Approaches for Coaches. Each week you'll read a chapter of the book, and then join an online session with slides, discussion, interactive quizzes, demonstrations, practice sessions and Q&A. You'll be part of a small study group so will have people to practise with between sessions and when the course is complete. 

Upcoming classes:

  • Tuesdays, 3-6pm GMT, starting on 16th February, 2016