The Author -
Marian Way

Marian came across Clean Language in 1999 when she attended an NLP Conference in London. James Lawley was running a workshop about binds, Marian volunteered to be the 'demonstration' subject - and she's been hooked ever since. In 2001, Marian set up a company called Apricot Island, and dedicated herself to becoming an expert Clean Language coach and trainer. The company is now called  Clean Learning and offers Clean Language training, coaching and workshops at all levels, including a new Train the Clean Trainer programme.

Before all of this Marian worked at Weight Watchers, creating and delivering weight loss programmes and training courses for people throughout the organisation. And before all of that she was a maths teacher. 

The Weight Watchers job involved a lot of travel, and when Marian started her own company, she thought she'd be working in her own locality - Fareham in Hampshire. But Clean Language has taken her all over the world... she's delivered trainings in the UK, the USA, Russia and Australia, and in December 2013 will be taking her training to Japan. 

Participants on Marian's trainings always enjoy the written materials - manuals, flip charts, worksheets - she provides. She is able to distill complex information into smallish chunks, and present it in a way that makes it easy to learn. She understands her learners and has a knack for making things clear, using diagrams, illustrations and colour to good effect. It was a natural progression to move from course materials to a book on the subject she holds most dear. 

Marian is indebted to David Grove, the originator of Clean Language and to Penny Tompkins and James Lawley, not only for their innovation of Symbolic Modelling, but also for their friendship and their encouragement to write this book.

Marian is married to John and has two grown-up children, Charlotte and Jonathan, and a grandson, Owen.