All About Metaphor

If you're reading Clean Approaches for Coaches, you'll be under no illusion as to the importance of metaphor - in our lives and central to the process of Symbolic Modelling.

The two videos here give a lot of insight into the importance of metaphor for understanding, communication, decision making, learning and invention.

The first is a TED talk from James Geary, author of I is An Other. Geary talks about Elvis Presley, Aristotle, the mathematics of metaphor, pattern recognition, cognitive dissonance, and more.

The second is a TED-Ed animation by Jane Hirshfield. This delightful animation brings metaphors such as 'raining cats and dogs' and 'elephant in the room' to life, as Hirshfield explains how metaphors help us better understand the world.

One of the great things about TED-Ed is that the animations and slideshows are accompanied by quizzes and additional resources. You can find the quiz for this video here. The additional resources are entitled Dig Deeper, and ideas include listening to the video again, or looking in magazines and newspapers for examples, as well as making up your own metaphors.