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Clean Facilitator Part 3

  • Gosport, UK 79a Priory Road Gosport, PO12 4LF UK (map)

Clean Facilitator Part 3 is an intensive 2-day assessment process leading to certified Clean Facilitator status.

We think the best way to assess behavioural skills is to watch them in action, so that's what we do. Over the two days you will engage in exercises designed to help you show your skills, working in small groups of between 2 and 4, while assessors watch you work.

This will give you an opportunity to take stock, to find out how far you’ve come and where you want to head for next. Some aspects of David Grove's Clean processes are easier to learn and use than others; assessment with fair and clear feedback can help you get clear on what you're doing that's effective and what needs more attention.

For an assessment to be fair, it must be made according to some agreed criteria.  Penny Tompkins and James Lawley - with input from Wendy Sullivan, Phil Swallow and others - have developed a set of 'first level' criteria for those facilitators who have 10 days training using Clean Language, Clean Space and Symbolic Modelling.  These criteria are synchronised with those used on the Clean Change Company Certification Masterclass so that the assessments are broadly equivalent.

You will need to have done 10 days training as a minimum – and you are likely to get more out of the assessment if you have also had plenty of practice as well.

Those who achieve the required standard according to the written criteria and the assessors' mutually-agreed assessment will gain the Clean Facilitator certificate.  Those who are not yet at that standard will be offered specific suggestions towards gaining the certificate at a later date.  Suggestions may include getting coaching on a specific skill-set, for example.

Assessment for Learning

While assessment is a useful thing in its own right, it becomes a valuable resource for learning when combined with good quality feedback, which we aim to give you on this event.  When someone experienced watches you working, then reports back to you what you are doing, you gain a 'meta' perspective which enables you to consider what you are doing in a new light.  

During this event you will receive verbal and written feedback (in note form) on your observed work. We'll be giving close attention to which of your Clean skills have blossomed and which are ripe for further development - and we'll do our best to give honest, fair feedback about what we notice. You may also get pointers towards other ways of facilitating where appropriate.

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